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Brow Extension Levels

♥ Please email a photo of your brows when booking ♥

Basic Brow

Level 1 reconstruction

if your brows already have a shape but are a little sparse here and there you would be a level 1


(per brow)


High Brow

Level 2 reconstruction

 if your brows are in need of some shape, naked in the arch or missing your tails, you would be a level 2


(per brow)

Brows on Point

Level 3 reconstruction

 if your brows have been butchered over the years or are missing half from either the head or the tail you would be a level 3


(per brow)

Power Brow

Level 4 reconstruction

if you barely have anything left to call an eyebrow, being very sparse and looking to recreate a beautiful shaped brow you would be a level 4 


(per brow)

Custom Brow

Level 5 reconstruction

Absolutely no brows? Using your brow bones along with your face shape, we can create any custom design you desire 


(per brow)


Quick Fixx

Per brow hair

one two.. just a few..three four...add some more!


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