Eyebrow Shaping Sets

Our team of brow specialists help to craft and define the tiniest details within the brow. Our arch experts know the way to flattering brows using special techinque and precision, the trick really lies within a bit of patience and slight correction!

 {hd } Brows

Includes complimentary consultation & brow-fill

Let our brow savvy stylists turn those rags into {high definition} riches

FINE LINE $18.00

(quick clean no wax)


Brow Clean-Up $24.00

(clean up requires wax)


Brow Correction $35.00

(1st appointment brow sculpting plan)


{bro } out

Includes complimentary consultation

Just do it! Clean up, down, around and in-between those rough edges



Semi-Permanent Brows

Includes complimentary consultation

Go from arch enemy to an architectural masterpiece! We create the brows of your dreams with our signature Brow Henna! We carry three rich shades from light-dark brown. Cover those sparse areas, grey hairs and enhance your eyebrow colour/shape for 7 -10 days. No more daily application of eyebrow pencils or powders.



Eyebrow Tinting

Includes complimentary consultation

Semi-permanent dye used to enhance and darken your brow hair. Whether it be naturally black, brown, light brown, auburn or blonde!



Upper-Lip Fuzzies

Upper-Lip Hair removal using hard wax

It'll be our little secret. Hard-wax is perfect for sensitivity, leaving the skin pink-free for strutting the streets


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with FJ Eyebrow Shaping go from arch enemy to architectural masterpiece