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Eyelash Extension Sets

Xtreme Lashes® Certified

Pretty Please

90 Lashes {45 per eye}

You enjoy the finer things in life. Dainty and cute, this lash set suites any style from crocs to stilettos.



FJ Vanity

120 Lashes {60 per eye}

 Although you may own one too many turtlenecks, you can still chug a beer and have a wild time. This lash set makes it easier to go from work to play!


Mink Me

150 Lashes {75 per eye}

 In matters of style, you're the queen B! Pumping up the volume on your lashes will take any look to the next level.


russian cocktail 

 Wanting to try volume but not ready to dive right in? You can try our mix of the classic individuals and a touch of volume. 


PS. I  Lashes

180 Lashes {90 per eye}

You can be rest assured that all heads will turn when they see you sporting your fierce lashes!


3D volume

 A lighter set of volume lashes! 



the russian volume 

 A full set of volume lashes, no if's and's or but's!


Eyelash Extension Fills

Xtreme Lashes® Certified
 All new Lashionistas must do a full set with us before booking for a fill. 

In & Out Fill

50 Lashes {25 per eye}

Perfect for your quick fix


just a little

Per Eyelash

Just a few lashes to spice things up




in-betweenie fill

every lash
pump up the volume! 


Fill Me Up

70 Lashes {35 per eye}

Getting a refill never looked so good



eenie meenie fill

every lash
Touch up the volume! 



moe meenie fill

every lash
pump up the volume! louder!




Lash Tint

A rich colour to darken the lash line and help enhance your natural lashes


Lash Lift

Ladies get your curl on! A naturally beautiful look with no daily hassle & lasts up to 4 weeks


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